Changes To 2021 Selective High School Entrance Examination

Significant changes to score composition has been made. Previously half of the score comes from the school mark. In 2021, moderated school assessment score only make up 20 out of 120, which is one-sixth of the total score.

Reading is 25 out of 120, Mathematical reasoning is 25 out of 120, Thinking skills is 35 out of 120 and Writing is 15 out of 120, then plus the 20 from the moderated school assessment, it makes the total score of 120.

Basically thinking skills and writing gains more weight at expense of the Math. These changes should benefit girls a little more. Reduction of the makeup of the moderated school assessment score from half to one-sixth should also make the result more reliable and less disputed.

The questions are completely revamped as well, so 2021 will be a very interesting year for selective high school entry.


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