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《Upcoming 2021 Sydney And NSW Secondary Schools Catchment Update》有8个想法

  1. Hello

    The nearest public high school in our area is John Edmondson High school which is literally a 4-5 minute drive from Edmondson Park, but the catchment says Casula High School? which is about a 10 minute drive without traffic, but the Camden Valley high way and Hume high way especially in the morning can take up to 15-20 minutes.

    How do I get an exemption of getting my kid to John Edmondson High school?


    1. Hi Jack,

      NSW department of Education had issued each school an enrolment cap, if there is space left after satisfying local enrolment, it is allowed to accept out of zone enrolment. So your best bet would be try for out of area application, this is common occurrence in Sydney. However, whether the application is accepted or not will depend on the school in question. So you will have to apply and contact the school in question to see if this possible in your case.

  2. Please could you let me know if any changes are to be made with the catchment area for Willoughby Girls High School in the next coulple of years (2022-2023).

    1. Hi Mike,

      I personally think it is unlike that the Willoughby Girls High School’s catchment will change in the next two to three years. Willoughby Girls High School’s catchment is overlayed on other school’s catchment, plus the recent renovation and expansion, so I think it will unlikely there will be changes soon. However, I am not affiliated with the NSW Department of Education or the school in question, so do not take my words for granted.

    1. Hi,

      I checked the information available now, it still shows the Cheltenham Girls High School’s catchment will be unchanged for 2022. I think there will unlikely be major changes to its catchment until the new school is established in North Ryde.

  3. Hi Admin,

    Do you think the catchment for Erskineville Public School will change now that Alexandria Park has been established and includes early primary school ages now?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Kate,

      Difficult to say in this particular case, I have not heard anything myself, but I do not live in the area. There are definitely no updates to the catchment for 2022 is all I can confirm. It is very common for the Department of Education will run consultations with the affected communities with catchment changes. I would suggest contacting the schools in question and seeing if they have heard or know about possible catchment changes.