Australian Schools and Coronavirus – Back To School – 19th of May 2020

I have been concentrating on updating the school ranking for 2019 and not done many updates recently on this topic recently. There had been in fact a lot of changes happening recently. I have summarized them as below.

  • NSW: School had started on the face to face teaching two weeks ago and all schools will be back to full-time on-site teaching next week starting 25th of May.
  • Victoria: School will start to transition to face to face teaching from 26th of May and fully complete this process by 9th of June.
  • Queensland: Schools started to reopen from the 11th of May and will be open to all students from the 25th of May.
  • Western Australia: School attendance is compulsory from the 18th of May.
  • South Australia: Most of the South Australian students already attending schools in person and rest will be expected to do so in the near future as well.
  • Tasmania: Students starting to return to school from 25th of May and all will be from 9th of June onwards.
  • ACT: Reopening started on the 18th of May and all students will be attended the schools by 2nd of June.
  • NT: Schools had been reopened on the 20th of April.

Australia wide there are a total of 7060 confirmed infections today and an increase of 9 which is equivalent to 0.12% from yesterday. All the states are in the process of lifting lockdown restrictions. The shopping centres are choke-full of people again and people are certainly out and about again. With the oncoming of the winter, the next few weeks will be interesting, to say the least.

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