Australian Schools and Coronavirus – Last Week Of School in NSW – 7th of April 2020

This is the last week of the school in NSW, we are back to the online learning routine again. This week my kids has got much more detailed schedule for study laying out what to do each day and which work need to be submitted and how.

I am still helping the kids studying while trying to carry out my regular job as well. We also just got the update from school that we will be keeping the laptop over the school holiday and based on this we most likely will be doing online studying for the next school term as well. Also, Victoria has just announced that the upcoming school term will be taught via online means.

The kids have adopted surprisingly well, we also trying to organize some activities in the night just to keep things interesting. We did archery competition with toy bows. Did not go out in the last three days as well, stayed entirely indoor again.

Australia wide there are a total of 5918 confirmed infections today and an increase of 119 which is equivalent to 2.05% from yesterday. The infection rate look to be stabled over the last week, however with the onset of winter the biggest test is still yet to come.

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