Australian Schools and Coronavirus – Weekend Finally – 4th of April 2020

Yesterday was Friday and I again struggled to help kids studying and work from home effectively at the same time. I was discussing this with another parent who is in the same situation as our family. We both agree that we both had been so looking forward to the weekend now, much so than before. I spend most of today cleaning up the house and probably will do more of the same tomorrow as well.

I also had a call from the son’s teacher following up on his study. The work he is handing in is way too simple and he spends too much time commenting in the Google classroom instead of doing his work. I will have to pay more attention to his study next week as well. Luckily the school holiday will start in another week in NSW.

I did not go out at all in the last few days, the wife did go out to the supermarket to pick up things like fruits, milk and other supplies. I am planning to get the kids to have a walk nearby, getting a fair bit of cabin fever now myself.

Australia wide there are a total of 5135 confirmed infections today and an increase of 274 which is equivalent to 5.64% from yesterday. The slowdown in increase is predominately due to a drop in imported cases. This is understandable with the restriction of oversea visitors and compulsory quarantine for everyone entering Australia. The lock downs currently in place should, in theory, keep a lid on the local community virus growth rate. However, no one can keep this going forever, so the real test will be what happens when the lock downs are relaxed if eradication cannot be achieved.

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