Australian Schools and Coronavirus – Staying In The Home Over The Weekend – 29th of March 2020

It is weekend, so online schooling is taking a break as well. We stayed on the property the entire weekend, pretty much just TV, fixing water tap and sorting the house. We have not been to the shops the entire last week, except a supermarket run on Wednesday and fruit restock on Friday, we stayed in the house the entire week.

Australia wide the total number of infection hit 3983 which is an increase of 9.45% over yesterday and reported infected growth rate to appear to be slowing to around 10 to 15% in the last few days. However given that the focus of the testing was on patients with a history of oversea visits or contact with known cases, then given the closure of the borders, it would be surprising to not see a drop in infection rate. It would be interesting to see the rate of pneumonia cases reported this year to compare to historical data and what happens when we start to test more widely.

Tougher restrictions also are being applied, now a gathering of over two in public has been banned. The new restriction applying tomorrow will close down outdoor gyms, parks, playgrounds and skate parks. With the rate of this is going, a total lockdown other than essential service is probably on the card next week. Many people actually wanted a total lockdown to apply, so at least we have a feeling of certainty. Right now, things change on a daily basis on whether you can open and how you can operate.

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