Australian Schools and Coronavirus – 27th of March 2020

Not too much school-specific news today, this will be more of a record of my personal experience with online studying for our two children.

After the success of Thursday, I was looking forward to an easy Friday, things turned out to be much different than I expected. Through the Google Classroom online chatting with her classmates, she discovered Discord and joined a channel with some of her classmates. She got instantly sucked into the online video chatting straightway.

I first had to check and ascertain that people in the channel are only her classmates and no one else. Then I asked her to take a break, that resulted in a 1-hour tantrum episode, I explained to her that this is what addiction withdraw look and feel like.

I had also brought my laptop into the lounge and do my work next to the kids as well, just making sure they do not get too carried away. I went through a couple of back and forth during the day but things settled down a bit towards the end of the day. I think with younger children, we need to provide very close supervision on the internet and particularly social media usage. I personally favour delaying the use of social media usage as long as possible. However, at the end of the day, you cannot completely dam things up, it is better to guide and make sure they understand what is best for them.

Both kids finished their online learning material for the day pretty quickly and she proudly informed me that “Online learning is like school at home but with no teachers, but I prefer going to school.” I have to say I concur with that conclusion as well.

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