Australian Schools and Coronavirus – More School Closure News – 26th of March 2020

More news about Australian schools due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

  • SA student free From 4th of April South Australian schools will be students free and online teaching will be implemented in the next term.
  • Queensland schools will be students free from next week.

Unless things improving dramatically, we will very likely to see every state move into online teaching for next term. The growth rate of the virus seems to slow a little, but we are still got close to 400 detected case in the last three days. The growth rate did seem to slow a bit from around 20% to 25% earlier in the week to about 15% in the last two days. Total COVID-19 case stood at 2810 for 26th of March 2020. Two weeks ago this number stood at mere 175, however looking at all the information, I do not believe Australia is in as bad shape as most other countries. As long as we act decisively this still can be contained.

On a more personal front, we have picked up the laptop from school and got the online learning pack as well. It is actually very comprehensive and my children loved it so far. They started digging into it already and so far I am getting positive feedback. Both of my children had previous exposure to Google classroom and other online learning tools that their school uses. The elder one particular had a lot of experience with it, she had no issue follow the instruction and run with it herself without requiring assistance from us.

Below you can see the very detailed online learning schedule that school has given us. It is very impressive what had been organized in such short notice.

Year Four Online Learning Schedule
Year Four Online Learning Schedule
Year Six Online Learning Schedule
Year Six Online Learning Schedule

My wife and I are working from home again, we did not leave the property the whole day as we are pretty well stocked up yesterday. So far I had no issue with doing my daily work, but I think I will need to mix some physical activities into my routine. So far the kids adapt to stay at the home time better than I did.

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