Australian Schools and Coronavirus – 25th of March 2020

News around schools to do with Coronavirus is largely unchanged from yesterday. Stretton State College in Queensland is closed due to public health alert which most likely is Coronavirus infection.

Day two of my kids at home, pretty much the same as yesterday so far. The kids spend half of the time playing with each other, reading books and watching TV most of the other time. The boy is getting a little restless but not too bad yet.

We are picking up the laptop from school tomorrow and will try to get the kids to at least do a bit of work during the daytime. My wife and I also been bogged down with a large amount of work today so not had a lot of chance spending more time with the kids even we are working from home now.

We hit the local supermarket when it just opened in the morning and there are already 100 plus people in front of us. The toilet paper was gone in 2 minutes, also not any eggs to be had or they all got snatched up before we got to it. Other items like tissue, paper towels, hand sanitiser etc are in short supply. Most of the other items look to be in good supply and we had no real issue securing just about everything we needed. I did also pop into the local grocery shop later and got a bag of rice as well which is a popular purchase recently as well.

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