Australian Schools and Coronavirus – Schools Are Effectively Shutdown – 24th of March 2020

Normanhurst West Public School closed down due to a staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

My children stayed at home and the majority of the NSW parents did the exact same thing. The information shows that the school attendance rate is 10% for Tuesday. I would expect similar scenes are played out in different states as well.

We also have been issued many online learning tasks for both of my children from the school. We expecting to pick up a laptop tomorrow from school for my daughter in year 6 to use and her brother will be using a home computer. We have three computers at home, but with both my wife and I working from home, we only have one to spare now.

The children coped well for the first day, but if this drags out into multiple weeks it will become more and more difficult. We are also going to have to restock tomorrow which should be interesting as I have not been able to secure enough staples like flour and tissue papers for a while now.

The shutdown of non-essential services are continuing, yesterday was the restaurant, pub etc. Today are nail salons, property inspection and auctions etc. I fully expect this to keep tightening very quickly further as well in the next few days.

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