Australian Schools and Coronavirus – Schools Are Still “Open” – 23rd of March 2020

With all the confusing messages everywhere, even if the schools are officially open, in reality, is that all the states went their own ways.

  • ACT schools closed on Tuesday this week.
  • Northern Territory schools to stay open, but parents can take their kids home.
  • NSW schools are open, but state PM recommended all parents to keep their children at home if possible.
  • Queensland Schools to stay open for the time being.
  • South Australia schools to stay open as well.
  • Tasmanian schools to stay open.
  • Victoria started the school holiday on Tuesday this week.
  • Western Australia schools to stay open.

Basically, all the state borders closed as well, anyone other than essential service personal entering will be subject to an automatic 14 day quarantine.

All the social distancing policy taken so far will take time to work while the current infection rate will still shot up exponentially. Because of this, I do not expect it to be enough to stop the rise of this virus. This will in my view force the government’s hand to implement more draconian policies very soon. We should have gone hard and early on this, otherwise, we risk to drag this out well into next year. Unfortunately, I do not see that happening, we are still reacting to the events and playing catch up so far.

On a personal front, I have decided to take both of my kids out of the school from tomorrow. We will receive the online education pack and instructions on this Thursday, so far about half of the parents we know have taken a similar decision. I am expecting most of the parents will follow suit in the next few days as well.

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