Australian Schools and Coronavirus – Schools Readying For Closure And Naplan Cancelled 20th of March 2020

Corona Virus related news is coming hard and fast now. Schools are busy readying for a possible school close down. Given the trend of virus growth, we probably have a few weeks around the time that Autumn school holiday is over that various level of governments will have to decide whether the schools will have to shut down or start open again.

NAPLAN has also been cancelled for 2020 and will resume in 2021, this is a shame for education watchers like me, but with what is happening now, this is the right decision to make.

Just to note that everyone in my division has switched to work from home now. And local supermarkets have been stripped of essentials, particularly if you go in the afternoon, there are very little essential staples left like pasta, flour etc, not to mention the much-prized toilet papers. Just about all extracurricular activities of my kids had been cancelled now. If there is no significant reduction in the growth of infection rate, we will likely to see lockdowns like parts of Europe and the US are currently experiencing very soon.

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