Australian Schools and Coronavirus Three School Close in South Australia And NSW 16th of March 2020

Two more schools in Australia closed today due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Three schools, Unley High School and Scotch College in Adelaide both have been closed due to positive test results. St Christopher’s Catholic Primary School in South-west Sydney had been closed today as well after a person tested positive for Coronavirus as well.

News articles also reported that Sydney schools reported that there is a 25 per cent drop in attendance today. Many private schools also either started the Autumn holiday early or have transited into online teaching as well.

Plotting the current Australian Coronavirus infection rate, we will probably see one thousand plus infected at around Friday to Saturday, so the pressure will really be mounting for the Federal government to take additional preventive measure to try and flatten the curves.

Depend on how much the infected number grows, we will likely to see all school and university closure by next week and no later than the week after that.

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