Australian Schools and Coronavirus School Closure and Gathering Bane 15th of March 2020

A lot had happened in a week and even in two days. Geelong Grammar School in Victoria had closed all its four campuses for the rest of the term. Also now NSW Department Education had instructed all schools to cancel assemblies, excursions and sports carnivals from Monday. This is on top of the cancellation of the none essential gathering of more than 500 people. My daughter’s band performance this weekend has been cancelled already. I am expected many more similar cancellation will be happening over the next few months.

Also 14 days automatic self-quarantine requirement for all oversea arrivals has been put into effect now by Monday as well. Students and families travelling to and back from the oversea need to keep this mind as well.

As of this moment, schools will stay open next week, however, with how fast this virus moves, the decisions made this week will be very much out of date by next week. So we will just have to see how this goes.

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