Australian Schools and Coronavirus More School Closed In NSW 13th of March 2020

Katoomba High School had been closed today due to a member of the school community had been tested positive with Coronavirus. The school will be cleaned and the Department of Health will conduct the contact tracing institute quarantine on the close contacts.

Sacred Heart College’s senior campus in Somerton Park SA had a student tested positive for Coronavirus and school campus will be cleaned over the weekend. The school will not be closed next week.

St Patrick’s Marist College in Dundas has been reopened.

So far the various level of Australian governments still operating at the containment stage. However, given the number of community cases, I can say it is safe to see we are onto the delay stage already. Unless the total travel bane is instituted in the next few days, it is pretty pointless to try to contain the virus anymore.

If the things keep developing at the rate it is currently happening. We will definitely see mass long term school closure. Most of the schools that I know off already issued emergency plans or started canvasing the parents regarding this as well. So I guess Google Classrooms will get a serious workout soon.

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