Australian Schools and Coronavirus 6th of March 2020

Continue from yesterday, it is announced that Epping Boys High School in Sydney will reopen on next Monday. The school will be thoroughly cleaned over the weekend. Also, all close contact including staff and students of the infected student will be asked to self-quarantine at home.

There had been some panic in the community demand longer school shutdown and more drastic quarantine methods. I personally at least up to now believe that we had not reached that level yet. The action has been taken so far in this particular case looks to be appropriate without going into the realm of over panic. What people have to remember is that everything has a cost, drastic quarantine or similar methods will have a severe knock-on effect as well.

Increase of social distancing will be great and should start now to mitigate the potential spread of the Coronavirus. Also, education of this virus needs to start now and people need to understand what and how to do with it. Stripping the supermarket shelves of toilet papers certainly is not what the population be doing. However, I do not believe at least at this point it warrants more drastic actions like mass school closure in Australia.

We will have to see how things develop in Australia over the next few months. We need to prepare but not over panic. The key to slow this down and turn into a manageable situation is to be proactive and not just being reactive to it. So things, like increase social distancing and wash your hands, plus really educate people on what to do if they are suspected of being infected by Coronavirus, will be super important.

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