Australian Schools and Coronavirus 5th of March 2020

I just saw this on the news today that a year 11 student from Epping Boys High School was diagnosed with Coronavirus. As a result of this, the entire school is closed on this Friday as ordered NSW Health minister.

Currently, this is just a one day closure, all students and staff are asked to self isolate for the weekend. Further announcements on the future steps regarding this will be announced over the weekend.

This is the 25th case in NSW and number is going up rapidly so it is safe to say community spread has been going on for a while. A lot of new cases are popping in Northern Sydney around Ryde, Macquarie Park area. Just mentioned Epping Boys High School is around this area as well.

Things are deteriorating pretty fast and there almost certainly will be more cases popping up and in schools as well. So I would expect to see more school closure in the next few weeks, particularly around the Northern Sydney area. With the rate things are going, I would not be surprised to see individual school closure even before the Autumn holiday in April.

If things are deteriorating at the current rate, we almost certainly will be starting to see mass school closure in parts of Sydney and other areas of Australia as well.

So basically let’s all buckle down and this is going to be a real wide ride. I think we need to do what is needed to slow this Coronavirus down to avoid overloading the hospitals. So if school closure will be required then so be it. At this moment widespread school closure is premature, but with the rate things are changing, we may have to make that decision within the next few weeks.

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