Top 100 Ranking South Australia Adelaide Secondary School For The Year 2017 (Government and Public)

Top 100 ranking South Australia Adelaide Secondary Schools (Government and Public) for the year 2017. The result is a combination of year 9 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrolment number so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrolment number here, some school got big enrolment number as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together. One more thing to note is that the percentage is based on the number one primary school regardless of school sector Australia wide. Just so to be clear that the particular school is James Ruse Agricultural High School from NSW for the year of 2017.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationTotal EnrolmentPercentage
1Glenunga International High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities175686.36%
2Marryatville High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities131582.36%
3Adelaide High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities145082.11%
4Wudinna Area SchoolSAGovernmentVery Remote20181.79%
5Mitcham Girls High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities53280.75%
6Cummins Area SchoolSAGovernmentRemote39379.69%
7Streaky Bay Area SchoolSAGovernmentRemote25379.64%
8Norwood Morialta High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities153379.64%
9Open Access CollegeSAGovernmentMajor Cities560079.47%
10Unley High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities120379.25%
11The Heights SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities117279.23%
12Brighton Secondary SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities161378.93%
13Kangaroo Inn Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional9278.33%
14Heathfield High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities79278.22%
15Kimba Area SchoolSAGovernmentRemote17377.97%
16Keith Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional34277.78%
17Urrbrae Agricultural High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities101977.59%
18Henley High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities141777.59%
19Aberfoyle Park High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities105977.48%
20Seaton High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities88877.38%
21Burra Community SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional22177.32%
22Orroroo Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional14277.18%
23Loxton High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional53777.16%
24Golden Grove High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities132976.97%
25Seaview High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities67176.94%
26Tintinara Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional12076.86%
27Modbury High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities82576.86%
28Blackwood High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities96476.72%
29Port Broughton Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional14076.67%
30Kapunda High SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional46976.61%
31Nuriootpa High SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional100676.50%
32Underdale High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities50476.48%
33Bordertown High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional25276.34%
34Jamestown Community SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional22876.29%
35Lock Area SchoolSAGovernmentRemote5876.15%
36Naracoorte High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional37976.15%
37Hallett Cove SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities135476.07%
38Charles Campbell CollegeSAGovernmentMajor Cities111976.01%
39Banksia Park International High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities84176.01%
40Karoonda Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional15375.88%
41Kangaroo Island Community EducationSAGovernmentRemote64075.80%
42Kingston Community SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional31075.77%
43Booleroo Centre District SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional20975.69%
44Ardrossan Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional18375.61%
45Kadina Memorial SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional118775.42%
46Plympton International CollegeSAGovernmentMajor Cities39875.39%
47Cowell Area SchoolSAGovernmentRemote16275.36%
48Reynella East CollegeSAGovernmentMajor Cities171175.36%
49Central Yorke SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional20775.28%
50Mannum Community CollegeSAGovernmentInner Regional38275.14%
51Mount Barker High SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional62375.01%
52Clare High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional52974.90%
53Victor Harbor High SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional76374.68%
54Tumby Bay Area SchoolSAGovernmentRemote20074.65%
55Birdwood High SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional41274.63%
56Minlaton District SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional26974.63%
57Waikerie High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional29474.63%
58Eastern Fleurieu R-12 SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional148674.57%
59Yorketown Area SchoolSAGovernmentRemote22474.24%
60Ceduna Area SchoolSAGovernmentVery Remote50874.19%
61Grant High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional78274.16%
62Willunga High SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional106074.00%
63Woodville High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities99673.84%
64Yankalilla Area SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional37973.75%
65Ocean View P-12 CollegeSAGovernmentMajor Cities71273.70%
66Balaklava High SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional30273.62%
67Lameroo Regional Community SchoolSAGovernmentRemote16673.54%
68Mount Gambier High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional85473.54%
69Mount Compass Area SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional43573.29%
70Le Fevre High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities52573.29%
71Millicent High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional43273.26%
72Quorn Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional13873.26%
73Renmark High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional55373.21%
74Eudunda Area SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional12273.02%
75Salisbury East High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities62672.99%
76Glossop High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional66572.91%
77Roxby Downs Area SchoolSAGovernmentRemote63572.88%
78Lucindale Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional17772.86%
79Roma Mitchell Secondary CollegeSAGovernmentMajor Cities128172.72%
80Gladstone High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional15672.67%
81Coomandook Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional13372.64%
82Cleve Area SchoolSAGovernmentRemote27872.58%
83Seaford Secondary CollegeSAGovernmentMajor Cities81272.50%
84Gawler and District College B-12SAGovernmentMajor Cities122472.45%
85Hamilton Secondary CollegeSAGovernmentMajor Cities78572.42%
86Murray Bridge High SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional107072.31%
87Whyalla High SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional46972.26%
88Port Lincoln High SchoolSAGovernmentRemote72672.12%
89Para Hills High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities50471.98%
90Salisbury High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities79471.60%
91Allendale East Area SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional17971.49%
92Parafield Gardens High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities90571.47%
93Port Augusta Secondary SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional61071.30%
94Wirreanda Secondary SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities89271.11%
95Valley View Secondary SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities28171.00%
96Windsor Gardens School B-12SAGovernmentMajor Cities48270.98%
97Oakbank Area SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional27970.92%
98Riverton and District High SchoolSAGovernmentInner Regional14070.81%
99Findon High SchoolSAGovernmentMajor Cities27270.76%
100John Pirie Secondary SchoolSAGovernmentOuter Regional58470.60%


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《Top 100 Ranking South Australia Adelaide Secondary School For The Year 2017 (Government and Public)》有4个想法

  1. Nope. The table doesn’t include most major Adelaide secondary schools. Where is Adelaide High, Unley High, Marryatville International, Mitcham Girls, etc?

    1. This issue is fixed now, it is due to South Australian secondary schools goes from year 8 to 12 unlike 7 to 12 for the other states. This completely stuffed up the numbers and I have corrected it now and will go back fix the previous years as well.

    1. Hi John,

      Because you are viewing it on a mobile device which does not have enough width to display all ten at once. So instead of displaying vertically, it flips the table sideways and displays them horizontally. In this particular case, please scroll from right to left in the table to view the additional entries in the table.


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