Braybrook College

This is the designated neighbourhood zone for Braybrook College in Melbourne, Victoria. You can search for a particular school or address in the search box in the top right-hand corner of the embedded map or zoom into an area of interest on the map.

Year 7

The proper name used by the Victorian Department of Education is called “Designated neighbourhood school” which is what a particular address is zoned for the particular school. When discussed from the perspective of a particular school is often referred to as one of the following terms.

  • Designated neighbourhood zone
  • Designated neighbourhood boundary
  • Neighbourhood zone
  • School Zone
  • School intake area
  • School catchment

For the final confirmation please contact the school in question. You can also find the full Melbourne, Victoria public school zone map by clicking on the link.

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12 thoughts on “Braybrook College”

    1. Hi Tina,

      This address is zoned for Sunshine College from the data I have available, you will have to contact Braybrook College directly to confirm and also whether they accept out of area applications.

    2. trust me Braybrook College is the worst school to go to. Everyone is racist, the teachers are practically useless and everything is so dirty and gross never go to a public school ?

  1. Hi there…
    I m living in Footscray- 3011, looking to apply for my daughters to year 7 in Braybrook college, could you please tell me whether i can apply or not ? Please give me a reply.

    1. Hi Sheik,

      The entire suburb of Footscray falls into the school zone of Footscray City College. You can still try to apply for the school that you desire your children to attend. However, it will up the school in question to decide whether they have space to cater for the out of area applications. To directly contact the school in question will be the best thing to do.

    1. Hi Gina,

      With the data available to me, this particular address is not zoned for Braybrook College, whether you can apply or they accept out of area application, you will have to contact the school in question.

      1. Hi there
        Can my kids apply for Braybrook College if his address at xxx Ford Avenue, Sunshine North.
        Thank you
        Philip C.

        1. Hi Philip,

          Just about the entire Ford Avenue looks to be zoned for Sunshine College. You can try for out of area application for Braybrook College, the chance successful out of area application will depend on many factors. Your best bet would be to contact the school you are interested to enrol your child in if that is the route you want to go down.

  2. my eldest son went to braybrook college and has now been employed and left . can my younger son go to braybrook college too ?

    1. Hi Julian,

      Any student who lived within the designated neighborhood school zone of Braybrook College is guaranteed enrolment. If you do not live within the zone, then you can try out of the area application, but enrolment is not guaranteed. From the Victorian Department of Education, the priority of the enrolment to a government school is as follows.

      1. students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school
      2. students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time
      3. where the Regional Director has restricted the enrolment, students who reside nearest the school
      4. students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds
      5. all other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.

      It is best you contact Braybrook College regarding the enrolment and best of luck.

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