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Continuation Of Public School Sold Off

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As with the last blog entry, I was reading up into more details of Sydney Public School sell off wave from the late 90s to late 2000s. What I wasn’t fully aware of is that not just selling the entire schools is a common practice, apparently selling part of the school is also done frequently as well. An example article is Squeeze put on Sydney’s overcrowded public schools on

Since 1987, 11 schools have been closed or amalgamated on the north shore – including Milsons Point Public School and North Sydney Public School.


. Seaforth PS sold land for $2.5m, enrolments have increased since 2006 from 341 to 478

. North Sydney BHS sold land for $1.3m, enrolments stable

. Erskineville PS, threatened sale headed off after public outcry, enrolments up from 174 to 334

. Rozelle PS sold land for $1m, enrolments up from 304 to 537

. Bonnyrigg HS sold land for $1.1m, enrolments up from 776 to 1038

. Northmead HS sold land for $787,000, enrolments upfrom 715 to 896

. Gerringong PS sold land for $5.3m, enrolments up from 358 to 395

. Camden HS sold land for $7.5m, enrolments up from 1051 to 1176

. Hornsby Heights PS sold land for $650,000, enrolments up from 309 to 344

. Rydalmere East PS sold land for $1.8m, enrolments up from 176 to 191

. Willoughby PS sold land for an undisclosed sum (pre-2000), enrolments up from 733 to 939

I wasn’t aware of Willoughby Public School sold off part of school off. I looked at the overhead view of the school and cannot see which nearby part is the obvious subject of this selloff. Willoughby Public School happens to be one of the most crowded schools in North Shore area with the school that is under the proposal for a major upgrade. The funny part is that the money that results in these selloffs will not even able to purchase a decent size block in the same area nowadays.

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How Short Sighted State Governments Has Excebated the NSW School Overcrowding Issue

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I was doing research on various of Sydney Public Schools and the topic various Public Schools being sold off ten or fifteen years ago. I did not have children back then and wasn’t paying attention to this. I was aware of various of local schools being sold off, but it does not seem as important back then. Now with the surging enrolment, the true impact of those sold off are being better understood. One of the articles I read is Sydney schools face queues as sell-off scheme backfires on SMH in 2014, the problem is getting worse since then.

High birth rate and immigration rate just completely upturned Sydney’s School population trend in a matter of years. Now all the schools that got sold off in inner Sydney city are really starting to hurt, imagine hundreds of classes room that can be put into use almost directly with only minimum spending. With all the ready available sites, they can be expanded more easily as well. The crazy thing is that the schools that got sold off probably could fetch double or triple the amount they got earlier if they are sold today. Not to mention state government is busy trying to find sites in the inner city that are suitable and converting them back into schools. This includes a new high-rise high school is going to be built on the old Cleveland Street High School site at a cost of likely in the hundreds of million.

I think the key lesson is with key public infrastructure, we need to be really careful not to get rid of them for quick short term gain. We need to look at state’s future in twenty, thirty years, not just today’s two to four years election cycle period. Particularly in inner city, key

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Classroom Size in Australian Schools

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There is an article on SMH NSW auditor-general flags larger class sizes. The basic premise is that to deal with rapid increasing in population the easiest way is to increase the classroom size.While it is true that doing would be the most cost efficient way of solving the problem of increasing enrolment. However all the studies I read there is evidence that smaller size class, particularly in the beginning years will improve student’s academic performance. We need think very carefully about this approach of cost saving at expense of education outcome. Australia requires better and appropriately education for their children which is particularly important which advancement of technology and the associated change in society.

We need to invest more into Education and most importantly make the best use of the money we are already spending on it.

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Violence In School

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There was a student got stabbed in the eye at the newly created Cammeraygal High School in Sydney. This particularly high school situated in North Shore area and is of high social-economic background, so in theory, should have less of this type of issues. In my Sydney school days just from memory, there was one boy got expelled for organising revenge ambush after school on another student. Another student got stabbed outside of school in Year 12 I think by another classmate of mine. So while there were a number of violent episodes involving people in my year, none were actually played out directly inside the school itself. The school I went to is of middle of road type, just to give some reference on what to expect.

Some school I know got a real bad reputation and deservedly so in my days. My cousin married this guy who used to be a teacher, he quit the profession after a student tried to run him down with his motorcycle. I know in another case where the teach got thrown out of the window by the students. I have been out of High School for a long time and not kept up what is happening these days. I wonder whether thing got better or worse than what it use to be.

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New School Funding Model at Federal Government Level In Australia

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Education Minister Simon Birmingham alone with no other than our PM Malcomb Turnbull just announced new school funding model. Media already dubbed it Gonski 2.0, David Gonski has been commissioned to do another report on education funding. This part is a bit confusing to me, he already did one previously but under the previous Labor Government. I am not sure which part in the Gonski plan 1.0 that was deficient enough to warrant another study in less than six years after the original study was released. The core of the new proposal

It is a “ten-year reform agenda” that will see funding increase from $17.5 billion to $22.1 billion 2021 and $30.6 billion by 2027.

He says 24 schools on the eastern seaboard will “experience negative growth” (ie have their funding cut).

In addition to the 24 schools whose funding will be cut, there will also be some whose rate of funding is slowed over the ten year period the government is talking about.

SMH Malcolm Turnbull announces new post-Gonski national schools funding package

The original study in my view was a solid one and if anything Gillard Government chickened out some of the more critical parts of properly distributing the funds and opt for the option of just throw more money at it. The current announcement goes a way to address this issue and likely in my view not going far enough. I do reserve my judgement until I have a chance to see whether this is a proper effort to reform the education funding or just window dressing.

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Homework or not in Australia?

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There are a number of articles going around regarding homework in Australian school particularly at primary level. There are for and against proponent for each argument. At least in my kid’s public school I have not yet to see what I personally consider as a unmanagable level of homework. What I do not support is an excessive amount of homework particularly at the primary level of schooling. This also happens at Secondary level, however, my personal experience is that by senior years I had reasonable enough experience that I could decide to a degree on what to do and how much to do, so this was not as much a burden.

Homework in correct way and amount is very helpful. It helps the children to consolidate the learning and also let us parents know what they are good or bad at. Thus it will let us know in which area the children in question need to pay more attention. Let’s face it, education is not just what school do, it is the job of both the parent and school to achieve the best outcome for your children.

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Private Schools Better Than Public Schools?

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I keep a list of interesting education-related articles that I have read before but had no time to fully digest at the time so I could go back and reread them later. “Public schools judged ‘superior’ to private schools, the new survey shows” from SMH from about three months ago was one such article. What it shows is that

Australians backed public schools over private schools by a slim margin: just 8.5 percentage points. Overall, 45.6 per cent of respondents either strongly disagreed (14.6%) or disagreed (31%) with the statement: “Private schools offer a superior education to public schools.

Meanwhile, 37.1 per cent either strongly agreed (7.2%) or agreed (29.9%).

This split remained fairly consistent across age, gender and location – with one glaring exception.

Australians earning $104,000 or more were the only group to back private schools over public schools. And they did so with a convincing margin of 16 percentage points.

Among high earners, agreement with the statement jumped to 50.4 per cent, while disagreement plunged to 33.9 per cent.

I am an advocate of Public Education, so my opinion is probably fairly biased to start with. That being said what type of school the parents going to send their children to is a personal one and is to be made with each family and children. There is no right or wrong answer this question.

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Is Boys Better At Math and Girls Better At Reading?

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I just read an very interesting article on SMH Reading superiority in girls starts early, Naplan study finds. Let me first quote a few lines from the article.

The study also found that better performance in literacy was limited to girls from low and middle socioeconomic backgrounds, and only boys from high socioeconomic families did better in numeracy.

“Once you have a grasp of language and literacy you can use that in everything, so the gap could have a detrimental effect across all areas of learning [for boys].”

In maths, teachers giving more positive feedback to boys could lead to the numeracy gap that emerges in year 3, Professor Walker said.

“The way boys and girls are perceived and the feedback they get becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy,” she said.

The most interesting part to me was the fact the math advantage was only limited to boys from the higher socioeconomic background. So if as the article suggested that feedback children received becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy should have meant that regardless of their socioeconomic background would have similar gap manifest. With same logic it is unlike gender-based teaching would cause this as well. So what had caused this difference? I think this certainly deserve a more in detailed look into why it is so the case.

High Rise Schools in Australia

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There is this article New inner Sydney high-rise school for 1200 students revealed on the SMH today regarding the new high school that is going to be built and open by 2020 on the current Cleveland Street Intensive English High School site. I have to say high rise schools make sense in inner suburbs such as Sydney and Melbourne etc. With the high land cost and people moving back into inner cities, this is more or less the only sensible option. I have attended a number of very compact primary schools in my earlier days. The main problem was not so much the vertical layout of the schools, it is the lack of open and green space that really hurt.

The site of Cleveland Street Intensive English High School is not big, so I cannot imagine they would be fit much else other than the buildings on the site. One option is to use the nearby Prince Alfred Park which is the most likely option. However, this represents lost of valuable public park land as well and will have a big impact on increasing inner Sydney population which also require a lot of open spaces.

I have not seen the actual plan yet, so should be interesting when we finally get to see it.

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Queensland Public School (Year 7) Catchment Map

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This is the map for Queensland Public School (Primary) Catchment.

  • Albany Creek State High School4
  • Aldridge State High School
  • Alexandra Hills State High School
  • Allora P-10 State School
  • Alpha State School
  • Aramac State School
  • Aspley State High School
  • Atherton State High School
  • Aurukun State School
  • Aviation High School
  • Ayr State High School
  • Babinda State School
  • Balmoral State High School
  • Baralaba State School
  • Barcaldine Prep-12 State School
  • Beaudesert State High School
  • Beenleigh State High School
  • Beerwah State High School
  • Bell State School
  • Bellbird Park State Secondary College
  • Benowa State High School
  • Bentley Park College
  • Biggenden State School
  • Biloela State High School
  • Blackall State School
  • Blackwater State High School
  • Boonah State High School
  • Bowen State High School
  • Bracken Ridge State High School
  • Bray Park State High School
  • Bremer State High School
  • Bribie Island State High School
  • Brisbane Bayside State College
  • Brisbane State High School
  • Browns Plains State High School
  • Bundaberg North State High School
  • Bundaberg State High School
  • Bundamba State Secondary College
  • Burnett State College
  • Burnside State High School
  • Burpengary State Secondary College
  • Bwgcolman COM S
  • Caboolture State High School
  • Cairns State High School
  • Calamvale Community College
  • Calen District State College
  • Caloundra State High School
  • Capalaba State College
  • Capella State High School
  • Cavendish Road State High School
  • Cecil Plains State School
  • Centenary Heights State High School
  • Centenary State High School
  • Chancellor State College
  • Charleville State High School
  • Charters Towers State High School
  • Chinchilla State High School
  • Clermont State High School
  • Cleveland District State High School
  • Clifton State High School
  • Cloncurry State School P-12
  • Clontarf Beach State High School
  • Collinsville State High School
  • Cooktown State School
  • Coolum State High School
  • Coombabah State High School
  • Coorparoo Secondary College
  • Corinda State High School
  • Craigslea State High School
  • Crow’s Nest State School
  • Cunnamulla P-12 State School
  • Dakabin State High School
  • Dalby State High School
  • Deception Bay State High School
  • Dimbulah State School
  • Dirranbandi P-10 State School
  • Doomadgee State School
  • Dysart State High School
  • Earnshaw State College
  • Eidsvold State School
  • Elanora State High School
  • Emerald State High School
  • Everton Park State High School
  • Ferny Grove State High School
  • Flagstone State Community College
  • Forest Lake State High School
  • Gin Gin State High School
  • Gladstone State High School
  • Glenala State High School
  • Glenden State School
  • Glenmore State High School
  • Goomeri State School
  • Goondiwindi State High School
  • Gordonvale State High School
  • Gympie State High School
  • Harristown State High School
  • Heatley Secondary College
  • Helensvale State High School
  • Herberton State School
  • Hervey Bay State High School
  • Highfields State Secondary College
  • Holland Park State High School
  • Home Hill State High School
  • Hughenden State School
  • Indooroopilly State High School
  • Ingham State High School
  • Inglewood State School
  • Injune P-10 State School
  • Innisfail State College
  • Ipswich State High School
  • Isis District State High School
  • James Nash State High School
  • Jandowae Prep-10 State School
  • Kawana Waters State College
  • Kedron State High School
  • Keebra Park State High School
  • Kelvin Grove State College
  • Kenmore State High School
  • Kepnock State High School
  • Kilcoy State High School
  • Kilkivan State School
  • Killarney P-10 State School
  • Kingaroy State High School
  • Kingston State College
  • Kirwan State High School
  • Kowanyama State School
  • Kuranda District State College
  • Laidley State High School
  • Lockhart State School
  • Lockyer District State High School
  • Loganlea State High School
  • Longreach State High School
  • Lowood State High School
  • Mabel Park State High School
  • MacGregor State High School
  • Mackay North State High School
  • Mackay Northern Beaches State High School
  • Mackay State High School
  • Malanda State High School
  • Maleny State High School
  • Mansfield State High School
  • Mareeba State High School
  • Maroochydore State High School
  • Marsden State High School
  • Mary Valley State College
  • Maryborough State High School
  • Meridan State College
  • Merrimac State High School
  • Miami State High School
  • Middlemount Community School
  • Miles State High School
  • Millmerran State School
  • Mirani State High School
  • Miriam Vale State School
  • Mitchell State School
  • Mitchelton State High School
  • Monto State High School
  • Moranbah State High School
  • Morayfield State High School
  • Mornington Island State School
  • MoState Schoolman State High School
  • Mount Gravatt State High School
  • Mount Larcom State School
  • Mount Morgan State High School
  • Mountain Creek State High School
  • Moura State High School
  • Mundubbera State School
  • Murgon State High School
  • Murrumba State Secondary College
  • Nambour State College
  • Nanango State High School
  • Narangba Valley State High School
  • Nerang State High School
  • Noosa District State High School – Pomona Campus
  • Normanton State School
  • North Lakes State College
  • North Rockhampton State High School
  • Northern Beaches State High School
  • Northern Peninsula Area State College – Senior Campus
  • Oakey State High School
  • Ormeau Woods State High School
  • Pacific Pines State High School
  • Palm Beach-Currumbin State High School
  • Park Ridge State High School
  • Pimlico State High School
  • Pimpama State Secondary College
  • Pine Rivers State High School
  • Pioneer State High School
  • Pittsworth State High School
  • Proserpine State High School
  • Proston State School
  • Quilpie State College
  • Quinalow Prep-10 State School
  • Ravenshoe State School
  • Redbank Plains State High School
  • Redcliffe State High School
  • Redlynch State College
  • Richmond State School
  • Robina State High School
  • Rochedale State High School
  • Rockhampton State High School
  • Roma State College
  • Rosedale State School
  • Rosewood State High School
  • Runcorn State High School
  • Sandgate District State High School
  • Sarina State High School
  • Shailer Park State High School
  • Southport State High School
  • Spinifex State College – Mount Isa – Junior Campus
  • Springfield Central State High School
  • Springsure State School
  • Springwood State High School
  • St George State High School
  • Stanthorpe State High School
  • Stretton State College
  • Sunnybank State High School
  • Sunshine Beach State High School
  • Surat State School
  • Tagai State College – Thursday Island Secondary
  • Tambo State School
  • Tamborine Mountain State High School
  • Tannum Sands State High School
  • Tara Shire State College
  • Taroom State School
  • Texas P-10 State School
  • The Gap State High School
  • Theodore State School
  • Thuringowa State High School
  • Tin Can Bay State School
  • Toogoolawah State High School
  • Toolooa State High School
  • Toowoomba State High School
  • Townsville State High School
  • Trinity Bay State High School
  • Tropical North Learning Academy – Smithfield State High School
  • Tullawong State High School
  • Tully State High School
  • Upper Coomera State College
  • Urangan State High School
  • Varsity College
  • Victoria Point State High School
  • Wallumbilla State School
  • Wandoan State School P-10
  • Warwick State High School
  • Wavell State High School
  • Wellington Point State High School
  • Western Cape College – Weipa
  • Whites Hill State College
  • William RoState School State High School
  • Wilsonton State High School
  • Windaroo Valley State High School
  • Winton State School
  • Wondai State School
  • Woodcrest State College
  • Woodford State School
  • Woodridge State High School
  • Woree State High School
  • Wynnum State High School
  • Yarrabah State School
  • Yarraman State School
  • Yeppoon State High School
  • Yeronga State High School

For the final confirmation please contact the school in question.

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