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Advantage and Disadvantage of Multi-lingual

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I recently this article “No advantage to being multi-lingual, Australian study finds” on SMH. This is another interesting one, as Australia and particular Sydney is traditionally immigrant country, just matter of when. There is also a very diverse origin of where the migrants came from. This makes sporting match fun as there is always supporters for whoever is playing and multi-lingual matter of fact for many children.

So this topic is certainly of much interest to many, the basic finding in the article is that being multi-lingual offers no advantage and disadvantage academically. This I agree with myself, provide the person in question is proficient in English, it is certainly case for all my friends. This in my experience generally holds true for kids who come before high school, for the older kids they tend to suffer a little with the humanitarian subjects which is not surprising.

Whilst being multi-lingual offers no advantage academically, it certainly offers a lot of advantages later on in your life. A couple of my friends secured excellent jobs with promising career due to their multi-lingual skills, these are positions they would have never secured without the proficiency in other languages.

For many children of immigrants in Australia, speaking the same language as their parents offers the closeness in relationship sometimes very difficult to achieve otherwise. I also had friends that never mastered the mother tongue that their parents spoke and because the limited English skill the parents command, the home conversation often limited to what I call “kitchen talk”. This is limited to day to day thing, like what you done today, what we having for dinner etc. However discussion of news topic, deeper discussions etc are all next to impossible.

Chipping Norton, Newbridge Heights and Nuwarra Public School Catchment Map Added

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A mini update here, only three public school catchment mapped this time around.

  • Chipping Norton Public School
  • Newbridge Heights Public School
  • Nuwarra Public School

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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What the Chatswood Public School Catchment May Like in 2016 and 2019

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Facing mounting enrolment pressure, a number of new public schools are being opened or expanded in Sydney North Shore area. What this means is once the new expansion and schools open, the existing catchment will change significantly. One prime example of this is Chatswood Public School. The school itself is under extreme enrolment number pressure and current proposal is to shift entire year 3 and 4 to the new demountables to be build on the grounds of Chatswood High School.

There is Lindfield West Public School opening to the north west, Mowbray Public School being expanded to host triple its current capacity to the west. Artarmon Public School is getting 12 new classrooms to the south. Out of all three Artarmon Public School is also under similar enrolment pressure and also mounting new enrolment from all the new apartments being build in its catchment area. What this means is that even with the new expansion the boundary between Artarmon and Chatswood Public is unlikely to change. To the west with the fairly large Lindfield West Public School opening in 2019, I am expecting large slice of western part of Chatswood Public School’s catchment will be shift to the new school to relief the pressure, however this is three years away still. Mowbray Public School expansion is scheduled to finish in 2016 and I suspect South West part of Chatswood Public School’s catchment will be sliced off and given to Mowbray Public School to give an immediate relief on enrolment numbers. All the other Public Schools around Chatswood Public Schools are also over crowded and I am not expecting major changes in boundaries between them. Following is what I speculate Chatswood Public School’s catchment may look like in a few year time.

Possible Future Chatswood Public School Catchment

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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Chatswood Public School expansion plan

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I was not feeling well for the last few days and basically spend the nights sleeping. I want to share something that I came across while researching on the Mowbray Public School. We all know Chatswood Public is severally overcrowded and enrolment had increased by 40 percent from 2008 to 2014. Also with the completion of new multi level apartments in rapid succession, this is just going to get worse in a big way. What this proposal wanted to do is build 12 demountables and refurbish the existing ones on eastern side of Chatswood High School to accommodate 300 students form year 3 and 4 to alleviate the pressure on the Chatswood Public School. More detail can be found on Chatswood Public School website by clicking this link.

Chatswood Public School Expansion plan

I also agree with many that this really is a rob Peter to pay Paul situation. Public Schools at secondary level are just as crowded. How short sight of State governments to close and sell off all those public schools, now they had to scramble to find and open new schools at great cost in today’s much inflated real estate price.

However with the opening of Mowbray Public School’s expansion in 2016 and Lindfield West Public School in 2019, I think it is very likely that large section of Chatswood Public School Catchment to the west will be partitioned off and handed to those school. This will allow Chatswood Public School some room and space to deal with increase in enrolment that the new constructions around station will result in. It is unlikely after all the new apartments in Chatswood are built and occupied that Chatswood Public School in its current state can handle the influx, so something really has to be done about it.

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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Mowbray Public School

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I have not done a specific school introduction for a while, mostly due to I have not had the chance to collect the information needed. Starting this back up with Mowbray Public School which I manage to find some time to visit on last Sunday. I could not find information on when the Mowbray Public School was established and there seem to be distinctive lack of general information on this school via online searching. This rather unfortunately as I was hoping to get some background information on the school.

Mowbray Public School is located on the Mowbray Road in the suburb of Lane Cove North. North of the Mowbray road belongs to Willoughby council and south of the road is part of the Lane Cove Council. Lane Cove Council recently rezoned pretty much entire section alone the Mowbray road and apartments just springs up like weeds in my garden after good summer rain. I drove pass this section of the road almost weekly and in the space of a few years, the entire southern side of Mowbray road in Lane Cove West is either built, being built or waiting to be built. This of course is one of the reason that Mowbray Public school is under going a major expansion.

In 2014 there was 378 students enrolled and compare to 2008’s number of 267 student, this is increase of 42% over the space of six years. This might sound high, but actually not uncommon in North Shore area. In 2014, 36 percent of the students in the school are from none English language background. This number actually is fairly consistent over the years, fluctuating between 35 to 41 percent. This number may rise in the next few years, with a lot of Asian buying in the area in the recent time, fair number gets pushed over into Mowbray Public School’s catchment due to sky high property price in Chatswood.

Mowbray Public School do very well academically and consistently ranked as one of the state’s top public school.


Mowbray Public School Catchment is bounded by Epping road to the south, Pacific High Way to the east, Chatswood golf club, Coolaroo Park to the north and Lane Cove River to the west. A really major expansion for the school is currently underway and proposed to be finished by 2016. The enrolment number is estimated to triple from 360 to 1000. What this means is that it will likely absorb part of the catchment of near by schools that are currently over crowded and under stress. Following is the current catchment map, once the new expansion completes, this will probably expand significantly. I will do another post to guess the possible changes in the catchment this will result in.

The catchment use to be good mix of multi and single dwellings, however recently following Lane Cove council’s rezoning, apartments are going up in a maddening fashion alone the Mowbray Road. This no doubt contributes to the need to expand the school’s capacity as it will no longer able to deal with the significant increase in population. I drove pass Mowbray Road weekly and it was really interesting to see the progress of the new class rooms close up on last weekend. I took a few pictures and it is certainly a massive expansion and definitely the biggest in all the schools I have visited so far. In the following Google Map cut out, I draw out roughly what the new building situates compare to the old set up. The bottom area as marked on map alone the Mowbray Road is where the new building is going up, essentially all the old classrooms got demolished to make room for it. About 20 new demountables are place in the northern part of the school as marked in the map. Expect these to be removed once the new class rooms are completed and ready for use.

Mowbray Public School Pre Expansion Satellite Map With Marking

I quite like the new design, it pretty much maintained all the open space and oval. Public school often utilized for various of activities outside of school hours and maintaining these open spaces are very important inside and outside of school hours. The new class rooms look great and I am looking forward to its completion and students moving out of demountables. Due to the mounting pressure with increase in enrolment it is rare in North Shore area to maintain such lovely amount of open space which will be great for the community in the long run.

Following is the new classrooms that are under construction.

IMG_20151101_134912261_HDR IMG_20151101_134829846

Following is the lovely existing oval view of demountables are currently up to replace the existing classrooms while the new classrooms are under construction.

IMG_20151101_135103961 IMG_20151101_134620198

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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Crawford, Doonside, Marayong and Marayong South Public School Catchment Map Added

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Back to the bread and butter of what I do, four more school added for the Western Sydney. I have not decided which direction to go after this batch, whether keep heading west and or going to try to fill out the south west instead. With the this batch, I am not super happy about the catchment for Marayong Public School, part of it may very well belong to the Black North Public School instead, so I will revisit this again in the future.

  • Crawford Public School
  • Doonside Public School
  • Marayong Public School
  • Marayong South Public School

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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Major delays in opening of new public schools in west Lindfield from 2017 to 2019

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I just read the news that new public schools in west Lindfield on the old UTS Kuring-gai site is not expected to open until at least 2019, this is changed from original schedule of 2017, original article Overcrowded Sydney schools will wait longer for new space on SMH. The news has major implication for the North Shore area, this is the first major new school opening in a long time and urgently required to relief the strain a lot of public school in the area went through in the last few years. Some schools went through 40 to 50 percent increase in the number of students enrolled in just handful of years, Chatswood public school is probably one of the worst hit and with huge influx of new apartments being completed in next year or two in the area, this is going to get worse. Surrounding public schools all have similar issue and have very limited spare capacity to absorb the new influx.

Now is a bit of fun exercise on what potentially the school catchment of new Lindfield West Public School can look like in 2019 when it opens.

Lindfield West Public School Catchment Map

Most of potential catchment for the new Lindfield West Public School will likely coming out of Lindfield Public School which is very crowded and reducing its burden will allow it to cater for the increased apartments in its catchment and take over some of the load for its neighbouring schools as well. Also the most over crowded the school near by is Chatswood Public School, so I think there is a high chance that Chatswood West will ended up in the catchment of the Lindfield West Public School when it opens. Currently Chatswood West is far enough from Chatswood Public School, it not likely making that much difference shifting it to the new school. There is minor possibilities of part of the Beaumont Road Public School catchment gets shifted to the new Lindfield West, but its zone are well isolated and do not have a large number multi dwelling being completed, so its enrolment number is not likely to change significantly in the near future anyway. I do not see large change of its catchment when the new school opens.

So after 2019, I can see large part of Chatswood and Lindfield Public School’s catchment going to the new school. As a consequence, it is likely that surrounding schools will see changes to their catchment as well, such as Roseville and Killara Public School etc. Overall this is going to be interesting time and I cannot wait to see new investment in the public education to bear fruit and the opening of the new schools.

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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Bert Oldfield, Blacktown South, Blacktown West, Shelley and Walters Road Public School Catchment Maps Added

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Five more added for the Western Sydney, population of western Sydney has exploded over last few decades. This is likely to keep going, also the transport hubs near the train lines such as Blacktown will likely see a lot more medium to high density area come into play. What these will do are either new schools gets constructed or existing ones expanding. Looking at the maps, the public schools all look to be somewhat larger than their eastern counter parts which means there is room for expansion if so required.

  • Bert Oldfield Public School
  • Blacktown South Public School
  • Blacktown West Public School
  • Shelley Public School
  • Walters Road Public School

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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Continuation of discussion on why some racial groups seems to do better academically than the others

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I wrote a blog entry on this about a week ago, Why some racial groups seem to do better than the others academically? I don’t feel I have fully explored this, it is a complex matter. I also have not personally wrote anything substantial in a long time and rather rustic at it right now.

I have read a follow up article on this topic and I think explored this topic further The truth about Asian Americans’ success (it’s not what you think). I think there is a lot truth in this, I also watched some of the Amy Chua’s video discussing her new book which relates to this topic, those are very interesting as well. BTW, I read her Tiger Mother book and it was a good read.

One thing that pointed in the article is that recent immigrants from East Asia tend to be highly educated and creates the phenomenon of what the author calls “Ethic Capital”. Basically what this means is that more highly educated and driven some of the members of a particular group is, more easily for the rest of the group to benefit from this knowledge. This is happening in Sydney as well, similar house which in the same suburb that fall into well know public school can command significant price premium, some example of this being Artarmon Public School, Murray Farm Public School etc.

Amy Chua also list what she called triple package that lend the drive for success for people

  1. Sense of Exceptionality
  2. Insecurity
  3. Impulse control

On the first item, given that very degree of education of east Asian immigrants, it is not a surprise that a lot of them are very successful and exceptional in their native country, certainly relates to the general population that is.

On second item, this is in my view very common in the new immigrant group, given the new environment they have to adapt to and succeed in quickly, it is not a surprise that there is a sense of insecurity. Also Asian countries are all very crowded and tend to highly competitive, whether that be university position, jobs etc. This creates a sense of insecurity and competitive natural.

On the third item, Chinese are very notorious with this, their whole culture evolve somewhat around this which the other East Asian countries have a lot of similarity to it as well.

Lastly I think because a lot of parents are  major beneficiary of education and have good impulse control themselves, they well understood what education can do for their children and try to instil the same qualities into their children as well. Whether some parents are over doing this and cause an entirely different problem is a different topic for another day.