Update to Melbourne/Victoria Secondary School Zones

I got caught up in a number of other projects and other real-life commitment. However things are still happening, I went through secondary schools of entire Victoria, there had been a number of newly constructed schools particularly in Melbourne. I have also had some feedback from some schools which I adjusted the school zones to match what the school actually used for enrolment. What is interesting is different schools apparently can use different criteria for their school zone. Strictly speaking for Victorian schools in the Melbourne metro area other than the ones that have defined zones should accept enrolment based on the closest school to the student in question’s permanent residential address. However, due to the different mapping and projection method used, there are some instances that some school can enforce school zones that end up with students having to attend schools further away from his or her place of residence.

I cannot stress this often enough, my map is just for reference and for Victorian School Zoning, please always contact the school in question for the confirmation.

Victoria, Melbourne Secondary School Zone Map Year 7

Victoria Melbourne Secondary School Zone Map

Victoria, Melbourne Secondary School Zone Map Year 11

Victoria/Melbourne Secondary School Zone Map Year 11

For the final confirmation please contact the school in question.

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