Minimum ATAR For Entering Universities In NSW

Sydney University just set the fixed minimum ATAR score required to gain entries to most of its undergraduate courses, I had a browse of Sydney University’s website, look like 80 is the minimum for most of the courses with only a handful in the 70s. UNSW had also recently set 80 as the minimum ATAR for most of its undergraduate courses, so these are roughly similar. The thing to note is that this is the minimum ATAR, from personal experience majority in the course would actually have much higher ATAR than the minimum.

One of the suggestion is that with the fixed minimum ATAR it reduces the chance of students dropping out from University. This is not true from personal experience, most of the people dropping out of courses and Universities that I know of are either do not like what they choose at all or just disinterested with studying at some point. I know plenty of cases of people dropping out, but most had little to do with their ATAR scores at entry.

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