Arson Attacks In Australian Schools

There was a possible arson attack on Marsden High School in Sydney, see Police investigate whether Sydney school was targeted by arsonists in

POLICE are investigating a suspected arson attack in Sydney that has caused serious damage to a high school.

Emergency services extinguished the blaze after being called to Marsden High School on Winbourne Street at West Ryde just after 1am this morning, but not before it caused significant damage to a building.

The fire began in the science block and quickly spread to several other classrooms, Channel 7 reported. Fire crews rushed to the scene after receiving dozens of triple-0 calls from nearby residents who could see thick smoke pouring out the windows.

A crime scene has been established and forensic crews will examine the site later today. Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Unfortunately, this is by far not a rare occurrence in Australia. The high school I attended got its school hall burned down previously and while I was there the toilet block burned down as well. Both occasions due to an arson attack and the guilty party were never caught in both instances. We had to deal with portaloos for most of the year, it was not very pleasant experience, to say the least.

One of the reasons that many NSW schools were completed blocked off with security fences is due to possible arson attacks. This cost a lot of money to put in and maintain which could be used for something else. Any of your guys had the similar experience as well?

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