Opportunity Class Test Time

Opportunity Classes (OC) in NSW is for primary students starting year 5 next, so the students wishing to attend those will sit for the examination in year 4 which this year happened on last Wednesday. In 2017 a tad under 11,849 students sat for this examination and with about 1740 place available. So about the ratio of one in six, in contrast the ratio of student sat for selective high school exams and ones being accepted is about one in three. It is actually harder to get into opportunity classes than selective high school. The interesting part is in my niece’s class about just over half of the students attended this examination and some of them do not actually intend to attend even if they got in.

At this stage I do not plan to have my children attempt this test, not just I think the current public school is very good already, picking up and dropping off two kids at different school plus schedules will be a total nightmare. Also changing school and leaving all your existing friends behind is a big thing, this should not be a decision to be taken lightly.

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