Have Our Children Expose To More Things Rather Than Less

There was an interesting article on SMH a few days ago that about a particular childcare in Newcastle is letting six children play with fire, knives, power tools etc under supervision. I am pretty old that I can use the phrase back in my days. When I was little, we played with everything including fire. We get told in principle what is acceptable and that is mostly it. Most of my generation turned out ok in the end. We are in a sense now days sheltering our children too much and always there when there is a set back in their lives and guide them through everything as much as possible. I do that myself as well, the over sheltering part that is.

As long as children are old enough to understand the consequence and properly supervised there is no issue in my view to let them go “Wild”. They have to learn many of these things and it is good to do when they are young. In the long run over sheltering and hand holding with our children actually may be counter productive. Despite everything we do,  our children will grow up one day and go into the world without us. They will taste success and failures, too much hand holding earlier in their life may not prepare them well later in their life to setbacks.

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