Demountable Classrooms in NSW Schools

I read an article on SMH to do with the topic of demountable classrooms in NSW schools. So I did some diggings and here is what I found out some interesting stats from NSW Department of Education’s own site.

As at July 2016, the Department of Education has a stock of 6,171 demountable buildings (classrooms and specialist spaces). Of these 5,192 are currently located in schools and the remainder is being repaired or is in storage waiting refurbishment. The Department has just over 44,767 teaching spaces in schools. Approximately 9.5% of these are in demountable buildings.

In fact, if you look at stats on the number of the demountable classrooms in NSW, this number fluctuate up and down a little, but overall they stayed about the same. I dug up the stats going back to 2011 and look like the percentage of demountable classrooms stayed about 10 to 12 percent of the total number. From memory in mid-2016 NSW was planning to build 1100 classrooms in the next four years. So even if there is zero increase in enrolment number this would only replace roughly 20 percent of deployed demountable classroom that are in NSW schools today. When you taking into consideration of expected increase in enrolment of both primary and secondary students, we will probably see the number of demountable classrooms increase not decrease over the next few years.

So we will continue seeing shrinking playgrounds and open spaces for the near future in NSW.

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