School Funding Stoush between NSW and Federal Government

Following the recently proposed changes to the Federal government education funding model. the secretary of the NSW Department of Education Mark Scott has contacted all NSW school principles and warned them about the new Federal Government’s funding calculation. NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes has also questioned the accuracy of the new school funding model. The Federal Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham has come out and contradicted his NSW counter part’s opinions.

Regardless which side is correct, there are some good points raised such as the need to make public the data and method used to arrived at new education funding model etc.  That being said, overall speaking I personally think the new change is a big step towards the good direction relating to the funding issue. It is interesting that Labor lacked the courage to properly change the extremely broken private public education funding model. On the other hand, there is little risk of this change by the Turnbull’s Liberal Coalition government of losing votes on this issue. Regardless of potential gain or risk, it is refreshing to see some concrete good moves on the issue of education funding.

However being that the recent Australian domestic politics has been most short-sighted and good as this maybe, it may never get anywhere at all. We will just have to see how this turns out.

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