How South Australian School Zones Are Defined

South Australian school zones are very similar to the other states, some of the schools have specific zones defined which using South Australian Department Education’s own word as following.

A school zone is a defined area surrounding a school from which the school accepts its core intake of students. School zoning is one way schools can manage enrolment pressure.

Acceptance into a particular school is subject to the school’s capacity, and the principal of the school will be able to advise you if they have available places.

If a particular area is not zoned for a specific school, then the following rule applies

Families residing in the greater metropolitan area may be located in an ‘unzoned’ area. Students who live in ‘unzoned’ areas will be allocated to their closest school. Where the student lives more than 5 kilometres from the nearest school and lives in an ‘unzoned’ area, the allocated school is the school serviced by a DECD-provided school bus service.

As in the other states students can apply for enrolement for out of zone schools, South Australia Department of Education’s own word as following

Students may register their interest in attending any school. Acceptance to a zoned school will depend on whether there are places available at the school. If places are available, selection for entry to the school will be based on:


  1. distance from your home to the school
  2. curriculum that cannot be offered at your zoned school
  3. social and family links
  4. transport and location convenience
  5. compelling or unusual reasons.


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