Major Sydney Public School Catchment Map Update

I just completed catchment map update for all 395 NSW/Sydney Public School that were previously plotted. I need to complete the other projects I am working on now before coming back and fill out the entire Sydney like I previously planned. Entire Sydney basin has about 600 public school at primary level out of which I have about 400 plotted already. I will also update the existing Sydney High School catchment map as well which will come later this or early next week.

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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2 thoughts on “Major Sydney Public School Catchment Map Update

  1. martin

    You may or may not be pleased to know that the NSW education department has a link on their website which has maps and other detailed information that anyone wanting to know which school’s catchment area they live in can access. The actual website is

    1. admin Post author

      You can be assured that I am very pleased with this. Release of this information is in the interest of NSW public and will help thousands of parents. I have been advocating this with everyone that I have been talking to. Sure the hell make my life easier and one huge step towards my goal of mapping schools zones for all schools in Australia.

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