Artarmon Public School Part 2

I have done an Introduction on Artarmon Public School a few month back. I wasn’t able to actually visit the actual school at the time. I was happens to be nearby on last Saturday, so I paid a visit. You know most of facts just by reading about it and looking at satellite map, however visiting it is still prove to be very interesting for me.

You really get a sense of the pressure the public schools in Sydney north shore area is currently under. Artarmon Public School is in the epicenter of this wave of increase in enrollment and there is no end in sight any time soon. Artarmon Public School is scheduled to receive a major upgrade by removing a lot of demountables and construct new multi level building to replace them.

So many demountables got put up, school itself has very limited open space. I counted fifteen demountables and semi permanent type of buildings contain roughly 17 classrooms.

IMG_20160116_140918584 IMG_20160116_141100566_HDR IMG_20160116_142431456_HDRIMG_20160116_141431319

Enjoyed the pictures and I certainly had a good time visiting the school.


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