Australia Top ICSEA Ranked School For 2018

First, let’s go over what ICSEA means again. Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage as a normal reference as ICSEA is created for the following purpose as described by Myschool. This is often thrown around various sites and news but mostly without a detailed explanation on what it is and what does it mean.

The index of community socio-educational advantage (ICSEA) was created by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) specifically to enable meaningful comparisons of National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test achievement by students in schools across Australia.


The ICSEA score is made up of the following four parts

  • Parents’ Occupation
  • Parents’ Education
  • Geographical Location
  • The proportion of Indigenous Students

I had done a previous blog on this which you can find at Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA). Looking at the criteria, geographic location is super important as it is a good representation of wealth as a major city compares to a remote region and lower north shore compare to the outer western suburb of Sydney. ICSEA is a good reflection of parent’s background like occupation, education and where they live. Even though ICSEA does not take income into consideration, the formula of occupation, education and geolocation will make a pretty good approximation of that as well.

Without any more of my rambling following is the top ICSEA school of Australia. I also add the academic ranking of the school in question as well, so we can have a look at the relation of ICSEA and academic performance.

RankSchool NameStateICSEASectorAcademic RankingPercentage
1Sydney Grammar School新南威尔士州1286Independent1100.00%
2St Aloysius' College新南威尔士州1242Independent395.93%
4SCEGGS Darlinghurst新南威尔士州1222Independent4490.65%
5John Colet School新南威尔士州1219Independent6690.03%
6St Mary's Catholic Primary School新南威尔士州1218Catholic23292.46%
7Brisbane Grammar SchoolQLD1215Independentn/an/a
8Fitzroy Community SchoolVIC1213Independent1193.13%
9Rainworth State SchoolQLD1213Government1393.05%
10Presbyterian Ladies' CollegeVIC1210Independent296.65%
11Christ Church Grammar SchoolVIC1208Independent4290.89%
12Dara Village SchoolSA1208Independentn/an/a
13Dalkeith Primary SchoolWA1207Government43685.89%
14Roseville College新南威尔士州1206Independent1792.79%
15Our Lady of Good Counsel SchoolVIC1206Catholic133582.27%
16Camberwell Primary SchoolVIC1205Government10789.12%
17Mosman Church of England Preparatory School新南威尔士州1205Independent14688.47%
18St Philip Neri Catholic Primary School新南威尔士州1204Catholic34286.58%
19Woollahra Public School新南威尔士州1203Government6390.08%
20Nedlands Primary SchoolWA1202Government5490.35%
21SCECGS Redlands新南威尔士州1202Independent4487.92%
22St Joseph's SchoolVIC1202Catholic98283.42%
23Canberra Grammar School澳大利亚首都领地1202Independent70984.48%
24Korowa Anglican Girls' SchoolVIC1201Independent6890.03%
25Clifton Hill Primary SchoolVIC1201Government49185.58%
26North Cottesloe Primary SchoolWA1200Government54985.24%
27Moerlina SchoolWA1199Independentn/an/a
28Scotch CollegeVIC1199Independent2991.85%
29Greenwich Public School新南威尔士州1199Government18487.97%
30Merri Creek Primary SchoolVIC1197Government62884.88%
31Rosalie Primary SchoolWA1197Government15288.41%
32The Quintilian SchoolWA1197Independent65884.72%
33Christ Church Grammar SchoolWA1196Independent8889.56%
34Floreat Park Primary SchoolWA1196Government17188.16%
35St Ignatius SchoolQLD1195Catholic44785.84%
36Beaumont Road Public School新南威尔士州1195Government6190.11%
37Kapinara Primary SchoolWA1195Government16988.17%
38Camberwell Grammar SchoolVIC1195Independent3191.69%
39Loreto NedlandsWA1195Catholic80584.05%
40Lauriston Girls' SchoolVIC1194Independent9189.50%
41Roseville Public School新南威尔士州1194Government7689.87%
42Camberwell Girls Grammar SchoolVIC1193Independent8789.56%
43MLC School新南威尔士州1193Independent20087.80%
44Northbridge Public School新南威尔士州1193Government13488.62%
45Beecroft Public School新南威尔士州1193Government3491.26%
46Canterbury Primary SchoolVIC1192Government12988.71%
47St Thomas' Catholic Primary School新南威尔士州1192Catholic29586.96%
48Ironside State SchoolQLD1192Government10489.19%
49Cammeray Public School新南威尔士州1191Government8189.75%
50St Joseph's SchoolVIC1191Catholic37286.37%
51Pembroke SchoolSA1191Independent42385.98%
52Methodist Ladies' CollegeVIC1190Independent12488.81%
53Ruyton Girls' SchoolVIC1190Independent16788.17%
54St Andrew's SchoolSA1190Independent25987.25%
55Inner Sydney Montessori School新南威尔士州1190Independent45085.82%
56Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School新南威尔士州1190Catholic22287.56%
57Somerville HouseQLD1190Independent12888.74%
58Pymble Public School新南威尔士州1190Government7589.89%
59Cranbrook School新南威尔士州1189Independent7989.82%
60Radford College澳大利亚首都领地1189Independent59785.07%
61All Hallows' SchoolQLD1189Catholicn/an/a
62Wenona School新南威尔士州1189Independent11588.96%
63Subiaco Primary SchoolWA1189Government28787.01%
64St Columba's Primary SchoolQLD1188Catholic31786.73%
65Ashgrove State SchoolQLD1188Government10689.13%
66Westgarth Primary SchoolVIC1188Government37586.35%
67Blue Gum Montessori SchoolWA1188Independent42085.99%
68Balgowlah Heights Public School新南威尔士州1188Government13988.52%
69Chapel Hill State SchoolQLD1188Government18088.05%
70Emanuel School新南威尔士州1188Independent24587.37%
71Fintona Girls' SchoolVIC1188Independent1492.96%
72Glenmore Road Public School新南威尔士州1187Government40386.11%
73Lindfield East Public School新南威尔士州1187Government6590.04%
74Ravenswood School for Girls新南威尔士州1187Independent9889.32%
75Erasmus SchoolVIC1187Independent5590.32%
76St Ives North Public School新南威尔士州1187Government2292.46%
77Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School新南威尔士州1186Catholic35286.49%
78Loreto Kirribilli新南威尔士州1186Independent13288.67%
79Barker College新南威尔士州1186Independent9489.46%
80Holy Family Catholic Primary School新南威尔士州1186Catholic23187.49%
81Indooroopilly State SchoolQLD1186Government12288.86%
82Alphington Primary SchoolVIC1185Government26087.23%
83Malvern Primary SchoolVIC1185Government40686.11%
84Reddam House新南威尔士州1185Independent13688.59%
85Northcross Christian School新南威尔士州1185Independent2791.93%
86Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Catholic Primary School新南威尔士州1185Catholic119982.72%
87Balmain Public School新南威尔士州1184Government30086.94%
88Gordon East Public School新南威尔士州1184Government13388.65%
89The Beehive Montessori SchoolWA1184Independent63284.86%
90St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School新南威尔士州1184Catholic64684.76%
91St Joseph's CollegeQLD1184Catholicn/an/a
92Carey Baptist Grammar SchoolVIC1183Independent6990.01%
93St Thomas' Primary SchoolWA1183Catholic37086.39%
94St Kevin's CollegeVIC1183Catholic18787.93%
95Sacred Heart SchoolVIC1183Catholic21587.61%
96Fig Tree Pocket State SchoolQLD1183Government28487.02%
97Graceville State SchoolQLD1182Government25387.30%
98SHORE - Sydney Church of England Grammar School新南威尔士州1182Independent17788.07%
99Trinity Grammar School KewVIC1182Independent17988.05%
100Melbourne Grammar SchoolVIC1182Independent25287.30%

I did some quick numbers, only 35 of the top 100 are government schools rest are consist of independent or Catholic. Given that more than two-thirds of Australian schools are from the public sector, then top ICSEA list is certainly dominated by private schools. Looking at the academic ranking of the top ICSEA schools there is certainly a relationship between ICSEA score and academic performance, although not a linear one, every school in the list still easily falls within the top quarter within Australia.

If I have time, I will run a state by state comparison as well.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me at the About Us page or leave a comment.


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