Majority Of The Australian Private School Oppose The Publication of NAPLAN Data

I have not done one of this type of blog for a while, but this popped up recently and cannot resist commenting on it. The article I am referring to it Majority of private school heads oppose publishing NAPLAN on the SMH.

A third responded, and more than half (55 per cent) of those believed the NAPLAN data made publicly available on the My School website did not strike an appropriate balance between the right to information and the possibility of misinterpretation or abuse.

Some 68 per cent said the data should not be published on My School. They were most worried that it conveyed a narrow understanding of a successful education, a narrow view of student achievement, and a short-term view of student progress.

I personally think blocking and reducing access to information plus data is very counterproductive. If people have trouble understanding the data, we should be educating and help them with it. Hidding the data is very much a knee jerking reaction and does not help anyone at all.

Everyone and especially me understand NAPLAN result is not the only thing that represents a particular school. However, NAPLAN really gave me a really good and unique insight into Australian education. I have poured weeks of my life into looking at and studying the NAPLAN data. So let us educate people on what it is and how to properly interpret them, but not restricting the access to the data. I believe I have done an entry on this previously and will highlight them again in a later blog entry.

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