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15 thoughts on “Changes to Sydney public school catchment in 2019”

  1. Hello there,
    Will you be revising over the Botany area?
    Perhaps extending it further out due to the increase of new homes recently built?

    1. Hi Tanya,

      I think the entire Botany is covered already other than the airport which does not contain any residential area to my understanding. I will double check the area to make sure.

  2. Will you be extending matthew pearce catchment to cover more areas which fall under winston hills today

    1. Hi Tina,

      Matthew Pearce catchment is not likely to expand as it is one of the most in-demand public school in the state the enrolment pressure from it resulting in the zone not likely expand in the near future in my opinion.

  3. Hello there, is the catchment map for Matthew Pearce Public School up to date with the 2019 changes? thank you

    1. Hi Henry,

      The catchment for Matthew Pearce Public School is up to date for 2019.

    1. Hi Vimal,

      Westmead public school zone will shrink fully next year and no longer have any overlap with the new O’Connel Street Public School. Essentially it will cover any area north of the railway next year.

  4. Will catchment to Randwick Public School and Rainbow St Public School change in the near future, given the new development?

    1. Hi Anne,

      Difficult to say, but given that the NSW Department of Education is implementing population cap to balance out the distribution of students between schools and both Randwick and Rainbow St Public school has the capacity to spare so it suggests their zone will not shrink in the near future. I would guess the zones will stay the same or slightly expanding.

  5. Hello, is the Summer Hill Public School catchment likely to either reduce or expand in the coming years? I noticed that Kensington Road, Summer Hill (the part of the street that is currently in the catchment area) appears to be closer to Kegworth Public School than Summer Hill Public School so I am wondering if there is a likelihood that the catchment for Summer Hill Public School will be reducing in size shortly.
    Many thanks.

    1. Difficult to say in this particular case, in NSW distance to closest school does not strictly determine which school’s catchment it belongs to. The Department of Education is going to enforcing strict enrolment cap, the effect of this will take a while to understand and have a better feel on how well it works. So we may not see large amount of changes in the inner cities until the effect of the school population cap settles.

      1. Thank you for responding and for clarifying. The current enrolment number for Summer Hill Public School is approx. 862. I imagine that if the enrolment number was closer to that of, say, Matthew Pearce Public School (which is closer to 1,400), then it is unlikely that there will be any change to the Summer Hill public school? Are you saying that until a school exceeds it’s enrolment cap, it’s unlikely there will be any change to the catchment area? In your opinion, do you think it will be at least 5-6 years before any changes are made to the inner city catchments?

  6. Hi have bought a place in Schofields and would soon move there. For primary school kids, I Schofields Public School is the affiliated school for my residence which is 2.8 kms from my house. I see another development happening in Akuna Vista Schofields with primary school planned to open in 2020. How can i know if there is plans to change my catchment to Akuna Vista School. Sorry for the random question. Given I am new to community thought of checking if you guys have some knowledge

    1. Hi Simran,

      I had a look at this one, I cannot find any information regarding this on the Department of Education or the school infrastructure website. This indicate the school in question is not even in the planning stage. If I have to guess it will be at least a few years away if they decide to build a new school on that site. Generally, school catchment information is available roughly six months before the school open, this can vary of course.

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