Changes to Sydney/NSW Secondary School Catchment for 2019

I went over the high school catchment zone for Sydney in the last few days. Following are the changes and update to 2019 Sydney/NSW secondary school catchment updates.

  • First and not the last I have corrected some spelling mistakes in the previous map which is my bad.
  • Glenwood high school expansion to the north pretty much doubled its current catchment. This overlaps with new The Ponds High School catchment. Looking at the information available, the overlapping shaded area should cease to exist in 2019 from what I understand. However, there is still overlapping area, so as usual, I recommend contacting the school in question for the final confirmation.
  • Riverstone High School covers the western part of The Ponds High School. My understanding is that same as Glenwood High School, the overlaid part of the catchment is meant to exclusively belong to The Ponds High School, however, the official information still indicates otherwise. So I would still highly recommend contacting the school in question as well in this case.
  • Wyndham College shows it covers what is part of The Ponds High School as well. The Ponds High School catchment is supposed to be exclusive from 1st of January 2019 so I would suggest contacting the school in question for final confirmation as above.
  • Chifley College Dunheved Campus expanded to the southeastern corner now covering most of the suburb of Whalan.
  • Beverly Hills Girls High School big expansion to the east it now covers most of Roseland and Beverly Hills.
  • Mini-expansion of Casula high school to the western tip covering a small patch of what previously was no man land. Plus small expansion to the southern edge taking over parts of what used to be part of Ingleburn High School, this is mostly no man’s land as well.
  • Ingleburn High School loses most of the northern part over the railway, most of those do not look to be residential, so catchment wise that is really not much of a change.
  • John Edmondson High School lost the southwestern corner west of Deepfields road to Mount Annan High School, relative to the existing its existing catchment, it is a fairly minor change.
  • Mount Annan High School huge expansion to the north of Camden valley way, this almost double the size of the existing catchment. The added part is not as populated compared to the existing zone, but this is still a very significant expansion. The expansion corresponds to the shrinking of
    Elizabeth Macarthur High School and
  • Elizabeth Macarthur High School catchment also shrinks very significantly, it lost part that is north-west of Camden Valley way and The northern road to Elderslie High School. It also lost the northeastern section over Oran park drive to Mount Annan High School.
  • As previously discussed Elderslie High School gained towards east all the way until The northern road.

The most common name used by the NSW Department of Education is called “catchment” which refer to that students resides in a particular area are guaranteed a position in specific schools. When discussed from the perspective of a particular school is often referred to as one of the following terms.

  • School Zone
  • School intake area
  • School catchment

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney High School Catchment Map by following this link.

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Changes to Sydney public school catchment in 2019

I have been working on this for the last three weeks and have completed it yesterday. Following are a list of changes in public/primary school catchments in Sydney/NSW. There are a lot of changes actually this year compare the last few.

  • Roseville Public School lost the southeastern corner of the previous catchment that is east of the High Street is given to the Castlecove Public School.
  • Willoughby Public School lost the northeastern corner and that is given to Castlecove Public School as well.
  • New school in Parramatta called O’Connel Street Public School has established and opened. It will start to take on kindergarten students in the year 2019. It will be open to kindergarten to year 6 from 2020. It will be taken over part of nearby school’s catchment in particular Parramatta and Westmead Public School.
  • As above, Parramatta Public School will lose the northern half of the current catchment from the year 2019 to 2020.
  • Westmead Public School catchment will also shrink from the year 2019 to 2020 and basically lose everything north of the railway and those become part of the new O’Connel Street Public School.
  • Crestwood public school catchment got very minor shrinkage.
  • Matthew Pearce Public School major shrink of northern part and those are now part of the new Bella Vista Public School.
  • Bella Vista Public School has opened and taken over the northern part of the Matthew Pearce Public School and the southwestern part of what was previously Kellyville Public School.
  • Kellyville Public School’s southern half become part of the new Bella Vista Public School’s catchment.
  • Haberfield Public School major enlarge of the catchment to the south of the Parramatta road at the expense of the Ashfield Public School. Minor loss on the northern section which was given to the Dobroyd Point Public School.
  • Again as previously said Ashfield Public School lost of northern half to Haberfield public school.
  • Ironbark Ridge Public School’s eastern half that is east of the Smalls Creek is now the catchment of the new North Kellyville Public School.
  • Parklea Public School minor shrink on the southern border with Caddies Creek Public School absorbing those changes. This could be a mistake on my part last time around as the changes are very minor.

As usual contact the school in question or Department of Education for the final confirmation and you can also access the full NSW and Sydney Public School Catchment Map by following this link.

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What I am up to right now

This is just a quick update on what is happening in my world right now. I just came back from the Christmas family holiday so not a lot of updates happened in the last two weeks.

I am also hitting the yearly verification and update cycle of all the school catchment map that has been already created. Anyhow enough rambling and have a late happy 2019 to everyone.