Top 100 Australian Primary Schools For Year 2016 (Government and Non-Government)

Top Australia primary schools for The year 2016 and this is a mix of both government and non-Government schools. The result is a combination of both year 3 and 5 numbers from NAPLAN. One thing to note is some schools listed have very low enrollment number so the result is possibly not a reliable reflection of the entire school’s performance and historically can have big fluctuations as well. This is why I also included the enrollment number here, some school got big enrollment number as well due to they are classified as combined with both primary and secondary components counted together.

RankingSchool NameStateSchool SectorLocationTotal EnrolmentCombined Score As Percentage of Number One School In Australia Regardless of School Sector
1Sydney Grammar School - Edgecliff Preparatory Scho...NSWNon-governmentMajor Cities307100.00%
2Sydney Grammar School - St Ives Preparatory SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities42599.06%
3Presbyterian Ladies' CollegeVICNon-governmentMajor Cities142694.05%
4AbbotsleighNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities141593.46%
5Fintona Girls' SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities45293.43%
6Haileybury CollegeVICNon-governmentMajor Cities343593.06%
7Burwood East Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities17592.74%
8Meriden SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities101291.97%
9Ballarat Clarendon CollegeVICNon-governmentInner Regional132291.93%
10St Francis of Assisi Regional Catholic Primary Sch...NSWNon-governmentMajor Cities21491.78%
11St Aloysius' CollegeNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities124691.68%
12Korowa Anglican Girls' SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities55991.55%
13Ascham SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities113591.41%
14International School of Western AustraliaWANon-governmentMajor Cities23591.31%
15St Aidan's Anglican Girls SchoolQLDNon-governmentMajor Cities72491.13%
16Huntingtower SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities67590.94%
17Artarmon Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities112590.86%
18Erasmus SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities8990.79%
19SCEGGS DarlinghurstNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities91790.77%
20Beverley Hills Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities41090.74%
21John Colet SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities20190.46%
22Matthew Pearce Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities134490.39%
23Doncaster Gardens Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities66690.15%
24Serpell Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities114090.07%
25Blue Gum Montessori SchoolWANon-governmentMajor Cities13789.94%
26St Ives North Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities90389.92%
27Camberwell Grammar SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities130189.85%
28Eastwood Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities79489.79%
29Carlingford West Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities105089.75%
30Woollahra Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities77689.73%
31Camberwell Girls Grammar SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities70889.72%
32St Andrews Christian CollegeVICNon-governmentMajor Cities55489.70%
33Northcross Christian SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities33389.68%
34Roseville CollegeNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities90389.67%
35Sydney Distance Education Primary SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities29089.63%
36Arden Anglican SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities74689.60%
37Murray Farm Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities93089.42%
38Epping West Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities104189.33%
39Hornsby North Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities83789.32%
40Northbridge Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities57389.23%
41Shelford Girls' GrammarVICNon-governmentMajor Cities49989.13%
42Sydney Japanese International SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities20689.06%
43Lindfield East Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities76489.05%
44Southmoor Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities39989.00%
45Upper Brookfield State SchoolQLDGovernmentMajor Cities4188.88%
46Epping Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities42788.76%
47Warrawee Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities58588.66%
48The Knox SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities60288.66%
49Oakleigh South Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities95588.61%
50Beechmont State SchoolQLDGovernmentInner Regional11988.49%
51Beecroft Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities81788.48%
52St Mary's Catholic Primary SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities32588.48%
53MLC SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities120688.33%
54St Joseph's Primary SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities35988.33%
55Balmain Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities33588.23%
56Lindfield Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities77188.14%
57Fairholme CollegeQLDNon-governmentInner Regional72788.06%
58Victoria Park Primary SchoolWAGovernmentMajor Cities42688.02%
59Neutral Bay Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities98688.02%
60Wahroonga Preparatory SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor CitiesNULL88.02%
61Glendal Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities88187.99%
62Beaumont Road Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities41987.97%
63Waverley Christian CollegeVICNon-governmentMajor Cities119987.97%
64Rainworth State SchoolQLDGovernmentMajor Cities54687.96%
65Buranda State SchoolQLDGovernmentMajor Cities21487.91%
66Tintern GrammarVICNon-governmentMajor Cities78787.91%
67Kilvington Grammar SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities67287.89%
68Pymble Ladies' CollegeNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities212087.87%
69Hollywood Primary SchoolWAGovernmentMajor Cities27287.81%
70Ironside State SchoolQLDGovernmentMajor Cities103687.79%
71SHORE - Sydney Church of England Grammar SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities160187.77%
72Birralee Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities34987.74%
73MacGregor State SchoolQLDGovernmentMajor Cities132887.72%
74St James' Primary SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities30087.71%
75Mount View Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities111087.69%
76Loreto KirribilliNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities107987.66%
77Central Coast Grammar SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities124087.62%
78Strathcona Baptist Girls' GrammarVICNon-governmentMajor Cities71187.60%
79Lauriston Girls' SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities88087.60%
80Camberwell Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities61387.59%
81Knox Grammar SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities273587.59%
82Holy Trinity Primary SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities39187.55%
83St Cecilia's Catholic Primary SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities23487.52%
84Cammeray Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities95687.50%
85Christ Church Grammar SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities33087.50%
86Gordon East Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities34787.50%
87Deepdene Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities44187.47%
88Balwyn Primary SchoolVICGovernmentMajor Cities47687.45%
89Randwick Public SchoolNSWGovernmentMajor Cities88187.45%
90Mentone Girls' Grammar SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities71787.42%
91Holy Family Catholic Primary SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities29787.40%
92Fitzroy Community SchoolVICNon-governmentMajor Cities6387.37%
93Forestville Montessori SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities10087.32%
94Melbourne Girls GrammarVICNon-governmentMajor Cities93387.32%
95Snowy Mountains Christian SchoolNSWNon-governmentInner Regional8687.30%
96Indooroopilly State SchoolQLDGovernmentMajor Cities95587.29%
97Arkana CollegeNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities20187.25%
98The King's SchoolNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities163187.25%
99Presbyterian Ladies' College SydneyNSWNon-governmentMajor Cities119487.22%
100St Mary's Anglican Girls' SchoolWANon-governmentMajor Cities138587.20%

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How Many Schools And What Type Plus Where They Are Located in Australia

I have finally managed to finish compiling the data and there are in total 9553 schools in Australia in 2016 excluding the ones that consider as a campus. Out of this total 6700 is run by government and 2853 is considered as non-government.

Following is a breakdown of school by it is operated by the government or non-government.

Combined(Primary and Secondary)5188221340
Special (Catering to students with specialty needs)362130492

Following is a break down where schools are located depend on remoteness, Myschool classifies all schools into five different categories that being major cities, inner regional, outer regional, remote and very remote.

 GovernmentNon-governmentTotalRatio of schools that are Non-government
Very Remote2514729816%
Outer Regional1197310150721%
Inner Regional1710639234927%
Major Cities32771799507635%

Note that Australian non-government school is about 30 percent of total schools, this is very high in the world particularly in the developed countries that we compare ourselves to. Also what is not surprising is that this ratio is even higher in the major cities going up to 35% percent of the total and drops as the area gets more remote. An example to classify what is major cities mean by Myschools in NSW, Sydney, Newcastle etc are classified as major cities where cities such as Orange is inner regional.

More interesting stats and information to come.

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Why The Gap is Widening Between Country And City Schools

There is an article on SMH Government warned of widening gap between country and city schools a few weeks back. The basic rundown of the article comes down to the following extract.

Students in regional and remote parts of Australia are up to two years behind their metropolitan peers in NAPLAN English and PISA maths tests, and this gap is likely to widen in coming years if major funding and structural issues are not addressed, according to the Australian Education Union.

While what is happening is true, it does not truly address the reason why this is happening. Funding is just one part of what cause this and helps address the issue. When drilling to the core, it is the social economic status of the student family attending the city schools that fundamentally resulting in this divide. As long as the brain and youth drain from the country to the city keeps happening, this trend will not be reversed at best arrested by additional funding.

Country living has a lot to offer, lower housing price for one, less time spent on the commute, more in touch with nature, etc etc. However when getting to the most important thing, can you and your partner find and keep jobs with similar paying potential as in the cities. I think the answer is simple for the vast majority it is not possible. Couple with the proximity to transport, entertainment and other leisure activities, most of educated and affluent will choose city over country easily in today’s environment.

This is why until we have a major change in how we work and commute, what fundamentally result in this divide is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

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