South Australia High School Catchment Zone Map

I had a brief going over of South Australia’s high school catchment map recently.  Look like the entire Adelaide city is covered with specific zoning at secondary school level. So I have created the maps based on the information available on South Australia Department for Education and Child Development.

2017 South Australia Adelaide High School Zoning

The actual map

For final confirmation on school zoning please contact the school in question.

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School Uniform And What I Think Of It

I got involved in a number of parallel projects that including school zone updates in two states at the same time and bunch of other stuff as well, so I had not been updating much recently. I recently read a couple of articles on whether school uniforms are redundant should it be abandoned already in Australia. Rather going about this at a high level, I thought I will just go with my personal experience as a student long time ago and how do I feel as a parent of two primary school age children.

First, as a student, I neither particularly dislike or like my school uniform, I attended an average government school. I do like the fact that it simplifies my cloth choice and certainly makes my morning easier. By this point if not already obvious I am a male, plus think and act like average one as well.  What does not like it is during the extremely hot days, you kinda still stuck with somewhat uncomfortable clothes. However luckily being in Sydney, the weather all year around is relatively mild and this is not really an issue.

Second, as a parent, it makes my life hell lot simpler and I have yet to find a lot of downsides with uniforms as a parent. What is not to like dressing the children in seconds, well that is just me anyhow.

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